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UI Components / Typography

The following patterns have been developed to be both fully-extensible and provide the best possible rendering & copy flow in the largest number of contexts possible.

To ensure consistent treatment of typography, whether digital or print — Crossroads has curated a specific set of typefaces that should be used when rendering any marketing materials or related content.

For digital media, we rely heavily on the inclusion of Adobe Typekit to aid in the delivery and optimal performance for stylized web-fonts. Integration is as simple as dropping the following snippet into the element on your page.

<script src=https://use.typekit.net/ccb3vpa.js></script>
<script>try{Typekit.load({ async: true });}catch(e){}</script>

When working on or deploying applications that are new to the organization, you may need to work with your product owner to include the domain for your project within the "allowed domains" whitelist in Typekit.