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Getting Started

Mobile First

Worldwide, internet usage is dominated by mobile. Therefore, designing digital products shouldn’t simply consider mobile layouts but rather begin with them. This is Mobile First design. Because of the reduced screen sizes, designing for mobile is inherently beneficial for communicating content hierarchy, navigation systems and simplicity of layout. It forces us to put our best foot forward. The constraints force us into designing and building lean products that are easy to use.

As the device’s viewport grows, the functions and features can increase to utilize the additional screen space, a practice known as progressive enhancement. This workflow also helps us improve speed since we’re only loading what we need at the start. While this strategy makes sense in theory, it comes with plenty of challenge. The screen area can feel rather limiting. So can the libraries of pre-built components or functions. There’s also a tendency to sluff off the larger, desktop design. Fight these pitfalls and accept the challenge. Afterall, solving around constraints is what makes a good designer, a great designer. Love the burn.