Guidelines - Color Usage | Crossroads Digital Design Kit


Color Usage

The color palette of Crossroads was inspired by the original building. (If you haven’t seen it, here’s a picture.) Blues, gray, black, and white are all used to convey the bold, masculine tone. The yellow and rust colors are used minimally.

White Space

White space is awesome. It helps give a pause—allowing someone to take in appropriate amounts of visual information. Overwhelming the visitor with too much visual information hinders their ability to connect with our messaging.

Floods of Color

Floods of color are great too. They create visual interest and reinforce our brand. 95% of the time, color floods should be Crossroads Blue - #3B6E8F. 5% of the time, one of our grays can be used. If you find that your design would be made that much better with a different color, you’re probably wrong, but give it a try and share it with us anyway.

Check out our color palette

Check out some examples of our color palette in action.