Crossroads Digital Design Kit

digital design kit

a style guide for creating digital things

who's this for anyways

The Digital Design Kit, aka DDK, is a website that provides guidance and usage details for implementing various patterns and styles, geared to towards the organization’s designers & developers.


Check out the intro or dig into topics like copy tone or prototyping.


Get started with the big picture or dig into the juicy details of installation or naming conventions.


Maybe you just need an official logo, color or direction on picking a photo for a presentation.

UI Components

From basic building blocks of user-interfaces to full-fledged user-controls and forms, the UI Components section of the DDK illustrates the patterns and implementation details for 99% of the elements in use across any of our digital properties.

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    Caution: We're moving fast here. That means constant iteration and what comes with that is the occasional mistake (we're human after all). If you find something that doesn't work quite right, fit your use-case, looks funny or just want to chat - let us know!

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