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Powered By Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most popular, open-source front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile-first projects on the web.

Used across the internet to power some of the world’s most compelling websites, Bootstrap provides the stable, battle-tested foundation on which crds-styles is built. Because it inherits directly from Bootstrap, all of the conventions and components provided by that framework are available when adding crds-styles to your project.

Learn more at http://getbootstrap.com/

Bootstrap Components for NG1.5 & NG2

Out of the box, Bootstrap provides a handful of jQuery plugins which provide some interactivity for many of the components built into the framework. Since jQuery isn’t often available within Angular applications (why?) we rely on 3rd-party packages to provide the same or similar functionality within our applications.

For projects running versions of Angular greater than v2, we recommend NGX-Bootstrap. For earlier versions of Angular, checkout Angular-UI.

While you may see an example of a component rendered within the DDK, it is generally best to refer to the official documentation for that component as things can change dramatically from version to version.