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Crossroads Logo

The Crossroads word mark is good old Helvetica Neue Black (tracking -80). Please do not go and create your own version. We know you are very talented. But seriously, just use what we’ve created.

More often than not, the logo should be Crossroads blue, black, white or grey.

Screwhead Logo

This simple icon is a flexible design element that can be used as part of the Crossroads identity. While created as a simplistic representation of a crossroads, it is not intended to be used as a traditional brandmark. Instead, it is a support piece to be used sparingly throughout a design.

Ministries and Sub-Brands

But wait! Crossroads has a ministry called ReachOut. And they have a logo. And then within ReachOut, there are sub-ministries: GO Bolivia, GO India, GO Nicaragua, GO South Africa, GO New Orleans. AND they all have logos.... With no style guide!

We know. Some of our Ministries such as GO Trips, Camps and Kids’ Club have their own branding. It can be confusing. Sorry about that. The simple answer is: if you are working with a specific ministry, ask them for the branding materials that are unique to them.

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