Getting Started - What is the DDK? | Crossroads Digital Design Kit

Getting Started

What is the DDK?

The Digital Design Kit, aka DDK, is a website that provides guidance and usage details for implementing various patterns and styles, geared to towards the organization’s designers & developers.

You can think of the DDK as a glorified reference document. Whenever you’re looking for the official rules around a UI element or need to know the proper approach for placing icons in pages or are curious if a UX pattern to resolve some issue has already been adopted by the organization, the DDK is the place to look first.

What is crds-styles?

The shared, global style package that powers Crossroads’ digital properties, a.k.a. crds-styles, is a separate NPM package that should be installed in your application as a dependency.

Overtime, the DDK will grow and mature, as will the shared package that powers it. Be sure to review the semantic versioning rules and project roadmap to protect yourself from accidental regressions as the package changes over time.